Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sale, sale, Puppies for Sale!

Friends, You have not seen cute yet.
  Okay, now you have seen cute.
This is one of three adorable, snugly, sweet, poodle puppies that are up for grabs at the ridiculously good price of $50 each. All three are girls and all three are pure bred poodles. The reason for their cheap price tag is that their mother, a teacup poodle, is a registered pure breed with papers, but their father, also a pure breed teacup poodle, doesn't have his papers, so these little pups are unregistered.
As you can see, they're great with kids

Noah loves them. He gives them kisses.
    There are three different colors to chose from: apricot (a strawberry blond color), cream, and pure white. The cream colored female is the smallest. (And the sweetest in my opinion). If you're interested in taking home one of these precious puppies, contact Barbara Florey at mbflorey@wildblue.net or on her cell phone at (903) 571-7703.
    I am Colette Du Toit, and I approve this message.

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