Monday, August 15, 2011


I made spaghetti for din-din. I'm actually tired of spaghetti, but we're running a bit low on groceries and I had the necessary ingredients for spaghetti, so spaghetti it was. My husband loves me enough to eat it without complaint and tell me it was delicious. He's a good man.
   Now I want Life cereal.
To my dear, sweet friend Emily Evans: shout out!
I'm trying to sew a modest little piece of fabric to the top of a cute dress of mine, but I can't remember how to work my sewing machine right. Well, I do know how to work it for the most part, but the one part of the machine that confuses me, the bobbin, ran out of thread and needed to be replenished. I got the thread on the bobbin spool, but now I can't remember how Ashley Johnson got the bobbin to thread through the machine. If only I was as wise and intuitive as Ashley...
    The Skinners are back out of Texas, but only for a month! They shall return soon enough. Then, we shall rejoice!
    I really want cereal now. 
   I'm going to go get cereal. I'll try to post pictures in my next post. Something exciting might happen.

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