Monday, August 1, 2011


This post shall be brief. No pictures, just chatting. Noah's awake and Stephan's asleep trying to sweat out some sickness or another, so I'm enjoying a quick moment of reprieve while Noah makes his trucks go "vrrvrrrrvrrrr" on the fireplace.
   My friend Mechelle's engaged. I am so excited and happy for her! She and her future husband were clearly meant for each other, so my friends and I have been waiting for the question to get popped for quite a while.
   I mopped this morning. And vacuumed. And dusted. And did the dishes. You know, the usual housewife routine. And yet, my house still looks thoroughly lived-in.
    I found out this morning, upon checking my e-mail, that this month's bunco game is at my house. This Thursday. Gosh, I'm glad I checked my email today. Now I have a bit of a heads up. I've got prizes to by, desserts/snacks to make, deep cleaning to do... I'll be fine.
    Skinner-get-here countdown: 5 days!
   I think I'll warm up a nice pot of soup for dinner tonight. Soup's good for sick husbands, right? And I can't hardly eat anything after 4:00 anyways. Yes, soup seems like a good idea.
    Friends, my God is so good. I could never talk enough about how good He is and how much He loves His own. That does not, though, negate the fact that He is also just. Lots of people seem to overlook the just, jealous, wrathful side of God in favor of a god that overlooks sin because He's too good to punish anyone. That's not really the God of the Bible, folks. If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it, check yourself.
      Noah's tired of playing by himself. He's at my side demanding my attention now. I have to go love on him, because I love him.
    I guess this wasn't too brief...

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