Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Son is Getting Massive!

I sometimes go to the store without a list when I only have a few items to buy. Every time, before I go, I think to myself, "I can remember these three things". And every time, without fail, I forget one or more of the items I need. For instance, today, I desperately needed diapers, tissues, and razors. I came home with plenty of diapers and tissues, as well as a few groceries for Noah and dinner and stuff, but I forgot the thing I needed the most; razors. Sorry, Husband, you'll be snuggling with Sasquatch once again tonight.
   On another related note; my mother, in all her glorious kindness, bought a few more articles of clothing for Boogie Boy while at Sam's club yesterday. I am so grateful, because Noah does indeed need more sleepers and bigger sizes, but when I took the gifted clothes home and laid them out, I almost laughed. They're huge!
  These are the massive 24 month and 2T sleepers and pants that mom bought for Noah. No, my mom didn't buy the wrong sizes. These are the sizes that Noah will soon be wearing. He's already rocking some 24 month outfits and a pair of 2T shorts. The reason I think they're so big is because they are and they are the sizes my son needs for his clothes to fit and therefore, my son is so big!
Noah was happy to see his new duds.
He yanked 'em right down so he could try them on.
   Depending on what next Thursday's sonogram shows, I might soon be fishing through tubs and tubs of tine, newborn and 0-3 month clothes. Clothes that barely fit a tiny, newborn Noah when we first brought him home. Now, he's a monster in 2T and he wont stop growing! I think I might cry.
    I thank God, though, that Noah is the beast of a boy that he is. I thank God because every night, Stephan and I pray that God would continue to watch over Noah and help him grow big and strong. I can never deny that God answers prayers now, 'cause He's certainly hearing and answering ours. Hopefully, He's working the same kind of grace and prayer-answering for Du Toit Deux.
    Blessing a grace on all of you, my dear readers!


  1. hahaha...Matt has to sleep with Sasquatch pretty often. I am a Sunday shaver. Oh dear! :)