Thursday, August 18, 2011

And it wasn't even Laundry Day.

Not to much has happened since Tuesday, friends. Noah's been snotty and teething for days, so we've stayed in the relative safety of our home until he is 100% again. I'm actually kind of glad, because I'm not in a writing mood right now. Instead, pictures!
Noah's new thing is to climb. He likes to climb into/on top of everything and anything. In the above pictures, he is in his toy box.
 Here, Noah has climbed into the dryer.
 He likes the door closed while he's in there. For privacy, I guess.
 See how cool laundry machines can be when you're small, Mom?
 Here, you can tell how snotty and drooly Noah has been lately. I can't keep up and I ran out of tissues today.
 Final resting pose. Yes, he's in there. I almost got a picture of his little fingers under the door tugging it shut.
    That is all. Enjoy your weekends, readers!

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