Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gum has healing properties.

A glorious Tuesday to you, fair readers!
Yesterday, I drove from Dallas to Richmond and then home to Tyler, all in one day and all by myself. No gps. This is probably no big deal at all to the majority of you faithful readers, but for me, it was a soul-searching, faith building, life edifying experience. You see, I hate hate hate driving on the interstate. Or on busy highways. Sometimes, I even stick to the slow lane in Tyler because I don't want to change lanes. (Especially if it is raining outside.) Merging, exits, high speeds, they scare me. So when I woke up Monday morning, I prayed. I prayed into the car and as I was driving and I didn't stop praying until I reached my destination safe and sound. Then I praised God for carrying me and Noah safely home. I sometimes wonder if God gets a kick out of how panicky His children get over silly things. If so, He was laughing pretty hard yesterday.
    Now, friends, since I am having one of those days where lots of simple tasks that I do everyday are being upsetting and difficult for me, (such as walking, typing, opening wrappers, etc...) I am going to nap as Noah is napping so that hopefully, when I wake, my hands and feet will work properly again.
     Tonight, since it's easy and doesn't require a lot of hand-eye coordination, I think I'll make baked potatoes for dinner.
     I love my husband.
     I love being pregnant.
    Okay, I'm done. Peace, friends!

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