Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Victory in Jesus! My Savior forever!

  Yes, friends, victory indeed. Victory over sin and death, all thanks to a wonderful, merciful savior.
Words of encouragement. You're welcome.

This past weekend was a doozy. We spent Saturday night at Ouma and Oupa's for the first time in a long time. Since Noah was born, I believe. Saturday night, Oupa and Ouma prepared one of their bountiful feasts and fed several friends and family members. Noah was thrilled to see his grandparents, but I'm certain that, by far, his favorite part of the night was when daddy let him run, fully clothed, through the sprinkler that was running nearby.
Our little water baby entertained the crowed for a few minutes there. Then we ate ribs, bbq chicken, a South African dish that I have never seen or tasted before, grilled garlic bread, salad, and delicious desserts. After all was said and done, Noah slept like a champ in his pack 'n play.
    The next day, Noah got to explore the farm!
Baby goats! they were the size of house cats.

Momma goat.

Noah loved the goats. Beats the stupid petting zoo any day.

I loved the goats, too!
  Noah also rode his little four-wheeler around and checked out the chickens. Of course, I didn't have my camera when a chicken pecked at his little fingers. Noah was so confused as to why a noisy "bah-bah" would attack his hand.

And then, friends, the moment that is similar to the moment that we're all still waiting for: the Skinners have moved out of Missouri!

It's like they never left.
Of course, they're not here for keepsies yet. K-Skinner's got one more rotation in Oklahoma before they can officially be Texans again. But for one glorious week, we gets to pretend like their absence never happened and we both magically have one-year olds and we didn't miss a thing in between. To celebrate, Aubrey and I let the daddys watch over the napping babies while we went to get pedicures!
(You can't see it in the picture above, but Aubrey's pedicure-ist was the only one wearing rubber gloves.)

Today, Monday, nothing big is planned. Noah and I are be-boppin' around the house and Daddy's working. So, friends, I leave off with a cheerful "good morning!"

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