Friday, July 15, 2011

tick tock goes the food clock

I am having one of those days were my typing is off. It's annoying.

Noah and I are waiting for his food to finish warming in the oven and on the stove. It's chicken tenders and cut broccoli for lunch! (bleh, broccoli) Meanwhile, Noah is chatting with the small hair brush I gave him while he sat in his high chair. He makes new noises every day it seems.
  I got my house nice and clean this morning. I even tackled the guest bedroom/Noah's future room/the dog room. I strongly dis like that it is serving as the dog's room right now. Sure, it's necessary, as it's been in the 100's outside for the last few weeks, but I still hate the smell and the hair and the dirt that those dogs leave in there. I got it clean. -ish. And the amount of hair the dogs had shed in that room filled up the vacuum completely. Does anybody want two dogs?
   Tonight is an exciting night! For the first time in a long time, Stephan and I are going on a double date. Mom and Dad are taking Noah, so we get to stay out late and have a good old adult time. And I get to get pretty! I love it when I have a reason to get pretty. But what will I wear?? Some one come dress me!
   And finally, lunch is ready. I bid you all adieu, and God bless you all!

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