Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seriously, Beauty and the Beast is the best movie EVER

  So, I lied. I'm sorry.
 This is Stephan. That is a tiny, battery-powered atv that a customer gave to Stephan to give to Noah.(Said customer was cleaning out his garage.) Stephan loves the little thing and Noah's still pretty scared of it. Whose toy do you really think it is?
   Today, we went to hang out with Grayson Taylor!
 Aren't they so handsome?
 Noah was being goofy.
 Noah also didn't want to give mommy kisses. He just offered me his cheek.
 "Hey, Grayson, I said gray shirt, not white! How are we supposed to be twinkies if our shirts don't match?"
 Then, those two did what little boys are supposed to do; they wrassled! I got out the camera right after Noah rolled off Grayson's back after pinning him like a champ. Instead, I got a picture of Noah gnawing on Grayson's toes.
 Then, there was a shift of power, and Grayson pinned Noah. I lkinda think it was unintentional, but Grayson's still got Noah by, like, 2 lbs, so Noah put up a good fight.
 After his take down, Noah vented his humiliations onto a beach ball. 
All in all, it was a good day. The boys wore each other out, so that Noah took a pretty good afternoon nap. (About a hour and a half). Then Noah fussed his way through dinner. Now, we're reading Daddy's fitness magazine and making funny pouty noises. I love that boy.

      Blessings and peace to you all, beloved readers! God is good to provide both.

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