Thursday, July 21, 2011

And now, my camera is lost.

  I have put on "Praise Baby", a movie for babies made by a Christian company. I placed Noah in front of it, expecting him to sit for, maybe, two minutes, then hop up and get to scootin. Instead, it's been eight minutes and he's still begin still and quiet. Wow. Not long enough to take a nap or do laundry or anything, but a much needed reprieve to sit and chill for a bit.
Ain't he a cutie?
     Oh, he's up now. That was still pretty good.
Today, I am feeling the most unwell I have felt thus far this pregnancy. I'm glad that we have play date today. It gives me a chance to take Noah out to play with his buds and wear himself out for his nap today. Yup. I said "nap", as in singular. Noah has taken the leap, with my gentle encouragement, from two naps to one nap a day. That one nap usually takes three hours. I'm actually okay with this. I can do a lot more stuff now that I don't have to be home for Noah's morning nap. And should I choose to take an afternoon nap along with Noah, I get to nap for hours!
  Another notable thing that's goin' down this week, one that I am maybe too excited about, is that I am taking Roxy the big, hairy Pyrenees to a professional groomer to get shaved completely bald! No more ridiculous amounts of hair piled in the guest bedroom for me! No more nasty, dirty Roxy panting like she's about to die. I'm so excited!! And in case you're wondering, Barkus groomers on Old Troup Hwy charges $65 for a wash and cut as opposed to every other place in Tyler that charges $125 or more. I think I'll take before and afters! (If I can find my camera, that is).
      Hmmm.... what else...there's a church picnic this Sunday. My cousin's moving back to Texas this weekend. Pockets are not a suitable breakfast.
                                        The End!

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