Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roxy nek-nek

If I had my camera, I'd be able to show you pictures of what I'm talking about. Since I do not have my camera, ya'll are just going to have to use your imaginations.
     Roxy has probably lost 7 pounds in one week. If I could lose that much weight by getting a hair cut, I would have much sorter hair. She went from being shaggy and miserable looking to near hairless and hilarious looking. They shaved everything except her head and tail, and those they trimmed up. I can see now that Roxy has spots. She also looks pretty eaten up from fleas and 'squiters. Stephan and I felt bad about the lack of prevention we've been using on our dogs to ward of biting bugs, so we ran to wally world last night and bought the new Frontline generic brand. I hope it kicks in quickly.
     This morning, I walked into the living room to find Noah happily chugging down the unfinished half of one of his daddy's sugar-free Red Bulls from last night. I think (hope) that most of it got all over his shirt instead of in his mouth. We'll see what happens next. (Am I a bad parent?)
      Today, we go to visit Ma and Pa Du Toit in Jacksonville. i look forward to our visits with Stephan's folks, 'cause since they see Noah about once a month, Noah always doing something new and entertaining to show off. This time, I hope he'll do his cow noise! It's so cute! And very applicable, considering they're dairy farmers that live on a farm.
      Skinner-get-here countdown: somewhere around a week!
    May the God of peace watch over you all today, readers!   

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