Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camera sitting.

My loving Grandmother has allowed me to borrow her new Kodak camera while mine is M.I.A. She says she loves my pictures. *awe!* Anyways, friends, thanks to my Grandma Etta Jean Florey, This post will be filled with random pictures because I've got a camera!

   Firstly are the "playing with the new camera" pictures. These are a variety of randomness.
Last night, Noah wanted Daddy's drink. Never mind that his tasty milk was right there.

This is about that time of night when he gets whiney.
 This morning, I found a little chair that Stephan had bought for our nephew Ashton. Ashton told Stephan he didn't want it, so Stephan, utterly heartbroken, hid the small chair away until it could be of use to some other boy. That boy happened to be Noah Sias! Before I even popped that chair open, Noah was tuggin' at it and pulling at it. I opened it and helped Noah climb in.
He liked it.
 I repositioned it into the living room so that Noah could sit and read in peace.
"Mmm, yeees, This book is quite enlightening"

"And when you punch this button here, a little light flashes and music plays!"
   At 9:30-ish, Sheryl Stopped by to drop off Lucy!
Here they're sharing blocks. They handed them back and forth and commented on their shapes and colors.

lunch time!
Sheryl's due to be induced tomorrow, so today, Crisi and I are trying our best to help her in any way we can to prep for baby number 2's arrival. I'm watching big sis Lucy while Sheryl and Crisi do some shopping.
    Well, friends, there are some pictures for you to enjoy. I'm still looking for our camera. I miss it. On a related note; if anyone whose house I've been to recently sees a camera in a green camera case, please notify me.   Enjoy today, friends, it's a glorious blessing!

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  1. Noah looks so big in his little grown up chair. I can't believe Sheryl is going to give birth tomorrow! I can't wait to find out whether it 's a boy or girl.