Monday, July 11, 2011

I am getting bad at picture taking

Friends, a lot of good times were had this past weekend, yet you won't be able to see any evidence of them because I didn't take any pictures. Just like on the fourth of July, I reminded myself over and over to remember my camera so I could document all the fun times we were sure to have this past weekend, as we partied it up with the Skinners in honor of Lydia's 1st birthday, but I didn't even pull the camera out of my purse. Now, I have nothing to eventually print up to put in my photo album to remember this momentous occasion. I'll just blame it on the pregnancy.
     Hey, look, there's the GPS. We coulda used you this weekend, you sneaky device.
Now, I am picture-less, and my blog looks bland. There are no exciting happenings in our foreseeable future, so I don't see any awesome pictures being uploaded soon. I will say that Lydia's birthday was fun fun fun and Noah was not sick during it. (Thank You for healing my son, Lord!)
   In other news, at our last check up, Du Toit Deux's due date (*whew*) has been moved back to, wait for it...., January 17th! That's my sweet sister's birthday! I am aiming for that day exactly. Even though, like, 6% of babies are actually born on their due date. It could happen!
    I am feeling icky, friends, so I'm gonna hop of this here computadora and finish cleaning house. All that's left to do is mop! Woo hoo!!

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