Monday, July 18, 2011

My face. It's werid.

My sister was in town today!
Technically, she was in town yesterday as well. Yesterday, Stephan and I spent the majority of the day at Bebe and Papa's place. I left briefly to help dear, sweet, soon-to-be-a-mommy Emily Evans register for James Arthur Evan's IV's arrival. I was glad to help, 'cause it kind of helped me mentally prepare for baby number Deux. I was more glad, however, when Ashley Johnson showed up to help. She was a pro at registering, and since my lower back was killing me and I was absolutely STARVING, I bowed out rather quickly, leaving Emily in very capable hands.
  Upon returning to my mom and dad's, I got to witness Noah have an emotional breakdown as he watched his papa take apart one of his favorite toys: the jumper. Mom and Dad's jumper was on a stand instead of hanging from a doorway, and Noah hasn't been in it for a while now, so Mom asked Dad to take it apart and put it away until Deux gets here. Noah watched in horror as the legs of his bouncy-bounce were ripped from it's body and he wept bitterly. It was tragic indeed!
     Once Melissa showed up, we sat down to eat as an incomplete family. ( Way to be at a bachelor party, bro). The spaghetti was amazing and Melissa told us great and neat stories from her trip to Uganda. God is doing great things in my liddle sissy's life and I'm thankful for that and for her.
   Then Stephan went to play poker and I fell asleep somewhere around 8:00 and slept until 7. It    was    nice.
    Today, Melly went with me to wally world for a few necessities, including some dress sandals for Noah to wear to church. (He's been going barefoot for an embarrassingly long time). I found some cute, brown sandals. They were a size 6. 6! They look huge, but they fit perfectly with a little room for growing. My gosh, that boy is getting big! Nowadays, he like to say "bye-bye" and wave as he's leaving the room, only to turn right back around and say "Hi!" like he's a pleasant surprise to all inside. (Which, he is.) He will grab my or Stephan's car keys and head for the door. He likes to find his belly button and daddy's belly button, but it takes a lot of encouragement for his to look for anyone else's belly button. Noah  is such a joy. Stephan and I wonder at his cuteness and our ever growing love for him practically every night. Then we thank God for such a sweet little boy.
   Anyways, Melissa colored my hair today. And now I'm feeling a strange tightness in my lower belly when I stand up. I think I'll go lay down when Noah does.
    Blessings and peace to you all, faithful readers! 

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