Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poor, unfortunate soul!

My sweet baby has six teeth. I tell people that when they ask about it.
"Six teeth, and he's working on some more." I say proudly. I fail to mention the trouble that teething is for Little Bit. Noah has, of course, been teething for months. His first tooth or two came in easily; he didn't even fuss. His next few were a smidge troublesome. He would be uncharacteristically fussy or cantankerous for a little while and then I would find a new tooth and think, "oh, that's why." Yet, thus far, the worst part of Noah's teethign experience has been the drooling.
    Then, along came tooth seven and tooth eight. (I think he's working on two). For the past few days, Noah has lost a bit of his appetite due to the discomfort in his mouth. I bet chewing while cutting teeth is quite unbearable, indeed. At the same time, Noah is less thirsty, probably because of all the drool he's swallowing. Then, yesterday, his poopies turned ugly. As a result of loose, drool-fueled stool, Noah's hind-end is red as a bad sunburn and it must hurt just as bad.
       Last night he woke up screaming. I gave him his pasi and tried to calm him by rocking him and singing, which usually works like a charm. He wouldn't stop. Stephan wanted to try, so I handed him off. I didn't smell a stinky, so I didn't change him straight away. After Noah still would not stop crying like he hurt very badly, I decided to check his diaper anyways. There was very little poop, but the diaper rash in his pants was so bad, Stephan and I both cringed and went "ooch". I felt guilty wiping him clean, because he cried like I was spanking him and tried to squirm away every time the wipe touched the inflamed skin. I sent Stephan to fetch the baby tylenol, for Noah was burning up as well as hurting bad. After I finish Noah's most painful diaper change of his life, we gave him some medicine and I rocked him and sang to him until he calmed down and fell asleep.
       This morning, at 6:11, Noah woke up with the same issue. The Destin I had slathered on him last night had healed the rash on his hiney, but now, his, well, 'wee-wee area' has got it bad. I changed him carefully and Stephan gave him some more Tylenol, as he is still super warm all over, and we crawled into mommy and daddy's bed to snuggle until breakfast.
           I type this long, wordy post, friends, to raise awareness. 10 out of 10 babies this year will have diaper rash. Some will recover quickly, and probably wont even need any ointment or cream, but some babies will cry hard and need lots of diaper changes and special treatment for their read rumps. So please, friends, do what you can to spread awareness, because the rash is trash, and needs to be taken out just as quickly.
                           I'm Colette Du Toit, and I approve this message.

But on a serious note, please pray for Noah to get well. I can handle the rash, it's the fever that worries me.

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  1. Awesome job Coco. It can also be more comfortable to just rinse the diaper area with a little bit of water instead of wiping. Just make sure to pat really dry (can even use a hairdryer on low) before slathering on the diaper cream because it can hold moisture in just as well as keep it out.