Thursday, April 14, 2011

Woah, what just happened?

Does anybody else feel like we skipped a day this week? I was certain that yesterday was Tuesday. Stephan informed me last night that it was, in fact, Wednesday, which means that today is Thursday and Friday is tomorrow. (Then Saturday comes after) What the?? What did I do on Tuesday?
   Anyways, ya'll now know why I didn't update on time. I slept through a day or something.
So, this glorious Thursday, I went to the gas station to buy gas for I needed to travel to Wally-world to buy diapers. I made a face at the gas pump. It told me that I had to pay very close to 4 dollars a gallon. 15 bucks got me a quarter of a tank of gas. Therefore, I am on driving strike. Take that, whoever is responsible for this madness!
    Noah's napping, so I must go forth and indulge in BSF goodness. I am REALLY enjoying Isaiah! These wrapping-up chapters are interesting, to say the least. How could the pharisees and the scribes not connect the dots and recognize Jesus for who He truly was? Anyways, tallyho!!

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