Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday Thursday

I was kind of confused when I first heard of Maundy  Thursday. I thought everyone was saying "Monday Thursday".
  Anyways, today we get to commence the celebration of our Lord and Savior's redeeming act of death and resurrection by commemorating His tragic, undeserved, yet for our salvation, entirely necessary death. I do enjoy this service. At Sylvania, it is a solemn service. There's no excitement or jubilant praise. No, that's saved for Sunday. Today, we focus on Jesus' death. Though I still can't help but praise God that He did indeed die, and that He didn't decide to forgo the pain and condemn us to eternal separation from His Father. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus!

     Noah and I welcomed Sheryl and Lucy in for another time of play. Crisi and Madi were both sick. We Still had fun.
  I love it that these two have grown up together. They are so comfortable with each other and they play quite rough. Noah's not a big fan of sharing. Lucy likes what Noah has, and vice verse. (Versa?) It is the same with all of Noah's little baby friends. IT brings me great joy knowing that Noah will have good friends with Godly parents for years to come.

   Now I must go shower. and do BSF. To end, I will leave you with a video that shall once again make you smile. (If you don't' smile, you have no soul.)

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  1. That video was cute. I love the Maundy Thursday service at Sylvania. Just a few more months now and I can come back to Sylvania!! Lucy's hair is getting so full and long.