Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I appreciate you, nurses and doctors,...

...But sometimes, I wish you kept your phones in arms reach, as I do, so that my calls about urgent issues might be answered right away. Or at least responded to in a timely fashion. (called the doc at 8:08 this morning. it's 10:13. No word yet.) Thank you, God, for medically-minded friends. 'Dr'.s Kevin, Krystal, and Emily have served pretty well as our family doctors for a few years now.
       But yes, my poor husband is wretchedly sick. As in, retching and sick. He woke me and Noah up once last night, then me two more times after that. It's frustrating for me because I can't actually do anything to help him out. I warmed up some broth for him last night, but that's it. Meanwhile, Stephan is loosing weight and work because he is miserable. Poor baby. I'm also nervous that I might contract this illness. I have prayed a special barrier around me and Noah and Stephan has banished himself to the guest bedroom. We'll burn the sheets and mattress once he's better and can rejoin our family. 
   Some requests for prayer, friends: My grandmother and family. Please pray for comfort for all of us and peace for my mother's mother. Also, please pray for Stephan and I. You're prayers are appreciated!

   Now, I think I will go and lay down.    

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