Friday, April 8, 2011

YEAH I'm fit!

  Just got back from joggin' at the park. My legs are wobbly and my vision is blurry, but I feel like a champion.

So Crisi and I were the only ones to partake in our weekly playtime yesterday, but it was alright, because we used that time as an incredibly cute photo shoot! Pretty much anyone who reads this blog of mine is also friends with me on facebook, and since Crisi posted all our adorable pictures there, I wont worry too much about posting any here. Plus, I don't have any. Oh, wait, yes I do!
                                    Noah and Madilyn in; "Aren't we too cute to stand?"
Found a good use for his tux! Baby wedding pictures!

And then the baby awkward prom pictures

But you moms out there know that there's nothing cuter than nakey babies!
Yes, Madi, we see you, you're adorable.
  See, friends? This is why you should always attend any play date you are invited to. Otherwise, you miss out on precious moments like these!
     Anywho, bunco was last night, and again, I was too mediocre to win anything. It was still lots of fun, except that I was super uncomfortably bloated. But I'm sure ya'll don't care to know that.
    Alrighty, Noah is quiet now, which means he's asleep, which means I can now hop into le shower. Peace out, mis amigos!

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