Monday, April 11, 2011

God, my God, give me patience!

My son has suddenly turned into an opinionated eater. He will stubbornly refusing to even allow anything he deems icky into his mouth. He fusses and whines and sticks out his tongue and he even swats the spoon away. My precious son used to eat anything we'd put in front of him. Outside, he'd eat sticks and leaves and grass if I'd let him. But if mommy wants him to eat a little bowl of chicken and veggies or mac 'n cheese; oh heck no!
    In response to this, his first notable and continued act of rebellion, I feel an unreal amount of pressure to respond the best way possible. I could be the mom that gives in to his rants and hunt around until I find something he likes and then feed him that from now on; or, I could be the mom that forces him to stay in his high chair and choke down his spaghetti noodles in meat sauce and mandarin oranges until they're all gone. I admit, the way I was raised and my personality tends me towards the latter option. However, this kid gets so squirmy, messy and loud that I have thrown in the towel before he has finished his fruits. WHAT DO I DO? Oh perfect mothers of the world, what is the most child-nurturing, God-glorifying, peace-keeping response to this??? GAHGAHGASDGHAHG!
    That being said, my family is whole and healthy again! Stephan's finally feeling 100% and everything has returned to the way things were. (Except for the eating thing.) Tonight is BSF and I am sincerely, truly, eagerly looking forward to going. My gurl Ting-ting is supplying my homework, thanks gurl!

     In closing, I ask for input from experienced Karens, I mean, mothers, who may have dealt with a stubborn eater in their past and have tender and loving solutions to get babies eating. My sanity and my son's well being depend on your responses.


  1. I know I'm not one of those perfect mothers you referred to...but if I have learned anything in my short 9 months of being a mom it's...everything is just a phase and it will soon pass. Patience is a virtue.

  2. The girl who writes the Chronicles of a Babywise Mom blog says that this usually happens around 1 years old, and not to worry about it. I will try & find that article & send you the length. (It was actually backed up by a nutritionist). MM has been more picky lately to. It is SO frustrating. I'm just trying not to make the table a battlefield. :)

  3. God bless both of you! I hope this is indeed a phase that passes quickly.

  4. Here's the link to that article: