Monday, August 30, 2010

even bigger day!

Take me out to the ball game!
Noah Sias got to cheer for the Texas Rangers at his first baseball game! Not wanting our son to perish in the sweltering heat, we spent our day in a swanky suite at the ball park. (Not really. Well, we did sit in a suite, but we certainly didn't pay for it. Mom did. It was a gift for dad's birthday.)
In honor of this special event, our family suited up in our best Rangers' gear. Noah even wore a Ranger's onsie. Also attending the even was my sis, my bro, an uncle, a friend, and two of my dad's friends.

(aren't we cute?)
We arrived early enough to drop our stuff in the suite and then head to the Cuervo Club to get some lunch. Noah slept through that part and Uncle Justin got beer spilled in his lap. He was not pleased. When lunch was through, it was back to the suite to watch the game!
(See Noah cheer? He's all like, "yeah, go Rangers, whatever.")
Noah stayed outside in the heat and sunlight for about two innings, if that. Then he retreated to the suite where he switched laps and took a brief nap. The Rangers might have been failing outside, but inside, it was cool, quiet, and there were TOYS! As the game went on, I stepped inside to play with baby boy. Auntie Mel came in too. (she was sleepy)
Top of the ninth inning, we decided it would be prudent to beat the rush and head home. All in all, it was a successful and joyful day that Noah will never remember, 'cause he was too young. The good news is, Melissa is now to marry Josh Hamilton. (that would be super neat)

Oh goody! Noah fell asleep. I though he was gonna fight his morning nap all the way through, but he's asleep! Later, friends! I'm gonna take and hour long nap!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big day!

Yes, indeed, it was a big day. So big, in fact, that pictures were needed to aid in the description of such a big day. Long story short: Noah went swimming!

No, Noah is not naked in these pictures. He's wearin' his little swim suit. It was still a tiny bit big on him, but he worked it anyways. The story of our day goes as thus: This morning, after a routine start to the day, Ms. Angie came over with our favorite guy-friend Grayson. (He's the favorite, as well as the only friend that's a boy.) ((so far.)) We were hoping to go to the zoo, but that was decided against since it was hot, as usual. So, instead, we opted to stay at the house and play and chat, which was still fun. Once Angie and Grayson left, I called Stephan to see where he was at. He was helping dad out at their place. It was his idea to try out the pool at the Reserves. So, super excited, I packed up Noah's swim gear and headed out there. Upon arrival at the pool, Noah was, at first, wary and unsure. He gave a cry of alarm when his little hiney touched the cool water, but then quieted down to observe this strange thing called "pool".

Needless to say, Noah was born to float.

Macho man Noah floated in his happy starfish for most of our time there. Bebe and Papa were there, too, so we had plenty of eyes watching him in case things went south. Things never went south. Noah floated contently until daddy wanted to get him out and swish him through the water like a fish in a water-logged diaper.

My men. So handsome!

Our time at the pool lasted about an hour before Noah did fuss a little about the whole squishy diaper-thing. He rode back to mom and dad's house commando, a ballsy move by Stephan. After that excitement, you'd think that Noah would crash hard. He did, but on ly for half an hour. After eating a nummy meal, we went for a brisk walk, then watch a small portion of a sad Cowboys game. (Thank goodness it's pre-season...) Then we went home.
So, After a long day of vigorous activity, I got Noah changed in to his jammies, fed 'til he was full, and then tuck contently into bed, where he now sleeps peacefully.

Don't cha wish your baby was cute like me? (UH) Don't cha wish your baby was so sweet like me? (so sweet) Don't cha?

Now, friends, my eyeballs are burning and my hair smells like chlorine. Tomorrow is an even BIGGER day, so look forward to a post about THAT! Until then, goodnight, and God bless us, everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

this title totally pertains to this post.

It's just about 10:00 at night. Everybody Loves Raymond is on the T.V. I really don't like that show.

We went to visit the Du Toits this wonderful Friday evening. Sias made his infamous ribs. (DE-licious!) Marlene and Sias both loved on their grandson, and Noah unloaded his tiny large intestine on Sias' lap. Don't worry, though, none of it got on Oupa. It just crawled up the back of Noah's onsie.
This morning, it was a beautiful 60 degrees outside, so I invited Mrs. Sheryl and Lucy to go for an awesome power-walk through the park. We walked for an hour. Noah slept for more than half of that time. Needless to say, this Friday was a good day.
Now, I am sleepy. Good night, precious friends! God bless you as you sleep.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

baked potatoes.

i'm typing one-handed.
Noah's growing to fast.
I have a headache.
Stephan's an impressively good husband.
Tang is a tasty drink.
Ranger's game this Sunday!
even more exciting plans next weekend!!
cool people leave me comments? (yeah!) a-wink.

Monday, August 23, 2010

a new first

Woe is me! My nasal passages burn and my nose, it drips. I feel weakened by this accursed cold, and I fear that I might give it to my baby. Woe, woe, woe is me!

Yes, friends, a cold has hit home and set up shop in the face of yours truly. It's not horrible, so the above intro paragraph was merely to vent my frustrations by waxing poetically. I am afraid that I might give it to Noah. Actually, I may have already. I've had to keep a nasal aspirator nearby to suction his nose rather frequently. and he coughs here and there with a raspy little "kuuh!"Again, nothing to cause alarm, but something to be irritated at. (Not Noah, but our colds.) So, my precious followers, if you're reading this and then later on you fold your hands to pray, please think of me and my son; we're icky.
Currently, I am waiting for Stephan to get home. He's an amazing husband who's going to watch Noah while mommy recuperates with an epic nap. Noah is slowly drifting off to sleep in his crib, so I might get a head start on that nap. I'm trying very hard to ignore the drastic lack of groceries and the pressing need to go out and buy some. Otherwise, I might not be able to sleep. Okay, that's all I care to type about now. Good morning, people!

Friday, August 20, 2010

hairloss is not cool

My boogie-boy confuses me.
I realize that it has everything to do with being a first-time mother, so I can't blame myself or him, but it's still a smidge frustrating. Oh, he's a perfect little baby, (not really, but I'm biased) but I wish I could know exactly what was going on in his little head sometimes!
The root of this mini-rant is the fact that Noah has flip-flopped from wanting to drop his morning nap to wanting to drop his afternoon nap, and then he wanted to stay awake all day like a crazy baby, and NOW he's sleeping peacefully in a wonderfully normal morning nap. ???? I'm pretty sure Noah's ready to stop taking as many naps as he used to, since he's been sleeping soundly through the nights for quite some time now. The issue we're struggling with is, which nap?
It's a good thing he's so cute and I love him so much and stuff.

Today, today, what a beautiful day! Today, mom has asked me if there's a chance I can reception for a couple o' hours at the shop, so Noah and I are going to earn a little money today. We'll see how this goes before agreeing to any more work. Then later tonight is a gathering of friends and companions at mi padres' casa. So, in summary, today has potential to be a top-notch-type day. Now if only my hair would stop falling out...

Kevin Skinner; I have notified you before on you lack of blog-updating. If you don't do SOMETHING with your poor, neglected blog soon, I'll... well,... I'll boycott your blog!! You have been warned. (P.S., I am VERY VERY VERY VERY excited to see you guys in two weekends!!! Even if it's only at and maybe for a little bit after church!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's Thursday, which means it's play day!
Once a week, a small groups of new mommies gathers with their liddle-biddies for a playdate. At this point, most of the infants involved are not quite advanced enough, developmentally, for there to be actual playing. Instead, they lay on their backs, or sometimes their tummies, or even sit a little, and stare and things and make cute noises. So, basically, playdates are pretty much for the sake of us mommies. It's good to be able to swap stories, compare notes, and ask Sheryl when Lucy started doing stuff. (Lucy's the oldest baby there. A whopping 6 months!)
I would stay on to type longer, but Noah's talking in his crib, so I'm gonna go get him instead of forcing him to try and take a nap. lata, gator.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

morning chories

Get it? Like morning glories, except it's chories?


Good morning, faithful few! This morning was bath morning, so Noah now smells so fresh and clean. Mommy's contemplating how badly she needs to bathe. Not that badly, I think... no, wait, we did go for a family walk yesterday and, even though it was by no means a speedy power-walk, this incessant Texas heat and humidity had me sweating profusely within the first 16 steps I took. Yeah, I think I will take a stinkin' shower. Which means that there will be no nap for mommy this morning, because even though Noah is sound asleep right now, no matter how quickly I might boogie through a shower, Noah is always awake and ready to be loved on before I get through.
Boy I love that kid.
Ah ha! exciting news, friends!
Firstly, for my father's birthday, my mother spent an indecent amount of money on a box suite at a Rangers' game with enough tickets for 10! YEAH BASEBALL!!
Secondly, Sias and Marlene have decided that they really really want to revisit the beach within the year, probably in September or October. Sure, it might just be good 'ole Galveston, but at least we don't have to worry about oil. Plus, it will be Noah's first vacation to the beach outside of my tummy. Heck, it'll be his first vacay ever!
I believe that's the most exciting news for now. I should really jump in that there shower.
I love a clean house!
yay, God!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coos and gurgles

I do love listening to my son "talk". He's quite the opinionated little guy.
Last night I fell asleep somewhere around 10:00. Noah was feed and in bed by 9:50. I woke up at the usual time of 7:00 to start my day. It could have been the perfect night, except that Noah woke up to talk at least four times last night. He would settle down after I stumbled into his room to give him his pasi, so he wasn't starving or in pain. I did change his diaper towards morning-time in hopes of encouraging less wake-time, more sleepy-time. Oh well. It could be worse, and I'm used to being tired. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to attempt a nap as soon as Noah goes down for his.
Life is good. My home church has finally found our new pastor. He is blessed with a pastoral stage presence that is hard to not pay attention to. My health is intact, my husband loves me and our son, and our son is a ham who has become an attention monger. He is SO CUTE!
So, my friends, I could complain about the baby weight that I need to lose, or how dirty I feel 'cause I haven't showered since Sunday, or even about that stupid mosquito that got into our house. But no! Instead, I am going to praise God for this day and for this life. Then I'm going to ask Him to guide me and edify me so that my life this day might give Him glory. Oh, hey Charlie. Sure, you may sit in my lap as I try to finish my blog.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Noah has invented a new game. It's called "pull out the pasi". The goal of the game is to wait until mommy has left the room after she has put in the pasi, then pull out the pasi with his surprisingly strong little fingers so that mommy has to come back and put the pasi back in. weeeee!
Excuse me, I have to go give Noah his pasi.

Okay, so that time there was a wet diaper. Yet even now, in a fresh, clean diaper and with his blankie and mobile running, he fights sleep. My baby has heavy, red-rimmed, watery eyes that are pleading for sleep, yet he fights it tooth and nail. GRGRGRGRGRRRR!
Mommy feels cranky.
I think it's time for a hefty nap. However, that will not happen unless daddy comes home soon so as to keep up "pull out the pasi" with Noah. OH PRAISE GOD HE'S HOME!! Later, gators! I'm gonna take me a nap.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

walmart and fleas

Walmart and fleas are on my mind right now. Walmart is because they screwed up a photo order to the cost of $8.54, and fleas are because I have a rational fear of flea infestation, which I think has happened to my house. Stephan doubts, but I defy him to deny those little pests' existence when I show him my newest unexplainable, itchy, indoor bug bite!
As I previously mentioned, I sent off a rather sizable order of pictures to be printed at Walmart. When I opened them, I found, much to my displeasure, that half of my memories were smudged, fuzzy, and blurred beyond recognition. Needless to say, I marched right back to Walmart and demanded my refund! (In a sweet, wheedling way that makes me not so mean) Now, I need to pick out those pictures that I did not get successfully printed up and send them to some other photo-printing place. Poo.
Noah flipped over yesterday!!!! I only kind of helped. Well, I help him a good deal, but he got himself going. All I had to do was help him complete his spectacular feat of strength, bravery and cuteness. When I called Stephan to tell him the exciting news, he mistook my "super-excited" voice for my "something is terribly wrong" voice and nearly had a heart attack. I need to work on my phone voices.
Now, Noah is sleeping contently. I vacuumed, dusted and swept, but I still have to do dishes. (The stinkin' dishwasher is still broken, so I STILL have to wash them all by hand, which makes doing the dishes all the more a tiring chore.) ((That rhymed!)) Stephan just came in from work, so I'm going to love on him.
As a final note of interest, my Grandma just gave me a book on how to earn a 6-figure income by blogging. I'm going to be rich!!!! Seriously, that would be AWESOME.