Friday, March 12, 2010

I love my husband because of a clean car

Not just a clean car. I love that guy for a whole bunch of reasons, but this morning as I worked, he came to get my car, got all the stuff that needed updating updated, and cleaned it! He's got some crazy lovin' and affection heading his way!
It's Friday! The weekend comes soon and I am happy. My mother bought me a bag of mini Reese's, and a V8 (they cancel each other out, so I'm alright), and I am happy. I did not wear a jacket today, thinking it was going to be warmer than it currently is, and that made me a bit unhappy. (It's all good, 'cause I'm inside all day). Crap. That reminds me that I have to run out there and get the mail. I'll wait 'til noon-ish. Maybe it will be warmer then.
What does a pregnant biker-chic look like? Uncle Billy's turning 50 and the party is one honoring the ancient sect of biker-ism. (Uncle Billy drives a motorcycle.) I know how my hair shall be done, and Hannah let me have one of her stick on tattoos, but what on earth am I gonna wear?
Well, it's back to work, my friends. I want an English bulldog.

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