Friday, March 19, 2010

hiccups :)

my body's current tenant gave me quite a delight this morning. As the doctor listened for a heartbeat at my checkup, another, not as regular noise sounded in the speaker. With every faint "whip" noise that was made, I could feel a tiny twitch in my tummy. The doctor was all smiles (which is usual, 'cause I have a remarkably and perpetually happy doc) as she informed me that my baby had the hiccups! Oh the joys that not-quite-motherhood brings! Now the squirmy little boy is continuing his morning exercise and making strange shapes out of my tummy.
It's hard to believe that I have been pregnant for seven months. Since late August of last year, and all through the winter, I have been sharing myself with a little person! Stephan is also amazed that it has been so long, partially because it seems to have flown by so quickly! In the beginning, it was "I can't wait until I look pregnant!" Now it's, "I can't wait for this kid to be here!"
I feel a little guilty, for I have found that by stealing Stephan's pillow, I can create a nest around me that allows for the ultimate comfortable pregnant sleeping position. I can get more rest now! hurray!
Back to living life, friends. Be blessed in all that you do and try to do.

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