Wednesday, March 24, 2010

beef jerky. yeah

I have not seen my husband in more than 24 hours. I miss him. I am comforted because I know he's coming home tonight and I get to see him soon!
The reason for his absence is a rather hefty job he's working on in Longview. or is it Lindale... no, it's Longview. To save gas and time, he stayed with a friend in Longview. His friend has a two or three month old baby boy named Lleyton. Stephan loved hangin' out with that little guy, so now he's super excited about our little one. He wont have to wait for too much longer. Today is the 24th of March. Noah's e.t.a. is May 24th. Two months, people!! It's going to be here so soon! I get to be a mommy!
Well, friends, this Friday is Stephan's birthday. He'll be turning 25. Halfway to 30. I know what I'm gonna get him for his birthday. :D
It is trying to rain right now. Yesterday it was so beautiful outside that I got a tan. WOO HOO!! On a related subject, if anyone knows a clever way to get a pregnant lady's back tan, please share your knowledge.

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