Monday, February 11, 2013

uh oh

No, nope, no, this doesn't bode well.
I recall a time when Noah was showing signs of being ready to drop a nap, so as to only nap once a day. I won't lie, I fought it pretty hard at first. I thought that I needed that first nap to help me get through my day. The selfish notion was proven humorously wrong when, after we got ourselves on a good one-afternoon-nap-per-day schedule, I found out how nice it is to be able to not have to stick close to home twice a day to accommodate proper napping.
  That being said, I sit here facing the likely possibility that Mr. "I'm a Big Boy Now" Witten is getting ready to take that crucial leap from sweet baby that sleeps twice a day to active toddler that scoffs in the face of sleep. He's showing some of the signs: long, intense first nap, and fighting his second nap. Once again, I don't' think I'm ready for this. I remember how it was, trying to train Noah to stay awake all morning and nap in the afternoon. Just as with his initial sleep training, I felt downright cruel, at times, when I would bounce my uber-cranky son around to keep him awake when he wanted very badly to sleep. Also as with the initial sleep training, the end result was worth the means to achieve it, for Noah naps mightily in the afternoons. (On days when he decides he should nap, that is. Sometimes, he just wants to party in his room for an hour or two.)
   In my head, I know that it won't be that bad and the transition will be brief in the grand scheme of things, but once you get used to a comfortable routine, it's hard to face a permanent change, no matter what that change or routine may be. Therefore, I shall pray and move forward. Once I'm certain that Witten is indeed ready for the change up, I will face it with God-given patience and perseverance. Praise God, my Lord is a gracious God who doles out His blessings freely and gladly.
Then, I will plan more "adventures" for me and the boys to partake of in the mornings.

Speaking of which,

During our last *adventure* to Petland (thanks for the idea, Ting-Ting), I carefully introduced Noah to an adorable variety of small woodland creatures. Noah very sweetly pet the Guinea pigs and poked the dwarf hamsters and (my favorite) hugged the bunnies and gave them sweet kisses and told them he loved them. Then, as I bent to scoop up a gerbil, he turned and gasped.
  "Mommy, I want that one!"
He pointed. I looked. It was a large, white rat. "Sadly", we weren't able to hold any rats, due to the fact that they are kept in terrariums apart from the rest of the cute, fluffy, wanted smaller animals. Yet no matter how many adorable rodents I tried to divert Noah's attention with, he kept returning to one large, sleeping rat and requesting him. On the way home, I broke the news to Stephan; we're gonna have to get Noah a rat.
  Can't be that bad, right? I've had a ferret before. They're similar. Rats.

Be blessed, readers!

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