Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Boys, My Boys, My Precious Joys

I love having sons. Yes, I eagerly await the day God blesses Stephan and I with a girl, but I am so very happy that I have two rambunctious, lively, active, tiring, adorable, stinky, handsome boys.
 They're both pretty happy little campers, aren't they?
 Noah and Witten's activities never cease to entertain me, or at least keep me on my toes. Every week I can detect more intentional interaction between these brothers. Mostly it's Noah trying to wrestle with Witten who, though eager to partake at first, is quickly overpowered and squalls for my intervention. But there are times, and strangely these times only happen when I'm not looking, in which Noah and Witten are sharing in some brotherly fun that results in copious laughter from both of them.
All-wheat spaghetti zombie says "GRAAAAAIINS!"
  Thank You, gracious Father, for the gift of these boys. Grant me every good grace I need to be the mother they need. Oh sovereign Lord, please save them. You must save them! I love them too much for it not to happen. Guard their young hearts against the devil and surround them always with your love and protection. And good, Godly friends. Thank You for this family You've made. I love you so much, Lord.

Be blessed, readers! Now I think I'll make some cookie dough. Did I have plans for this evening...?

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