Monday, February 18, 2013

Ode to Joy

By excitedly exposing Noah to beautiful pieces of classical music via youtube, I believe I am ingraining in him a love of the fine arts. We'll watch a very well orchestrated flash mob doing Beethoven's Ode to Joy, full symphony and choir and everything, and when it's all done, he'll cheer and clap for the "music and singing!"
  (Check out the flash mob I speak of by clicking *here*)

While it's true that I have been slacking with the picture taking with my camera, I did remember recently that I have captured a few precious/ funny/ unusual moment with my poor-quality camera phone. So, for you viewing pleasure, I present my phone's pictures.
Lately, Noah's favorite place to be is close to daddy. Really close.

Not long ago, we went to the zoo with some of our best buds.

*When you're the Best of Friends!*

This one's for you, Melissa

We had a gentlemanly baby shower for Aubrey and Owen. Indeed.

Noah took his snack and popped a squat on the fireplace to munch. Sweet boy.

I no longer have two baby boys. I've got a big boy in big boy undies and a baby chunk.

So close to walking!

And lastly, this is why I need a girl. I braided her hair, then we watched the Little Mermaid while Noah wheedled about wanting to watch Cars or The Lion King instead.
 I just caught Noah digging around down the back of his pants. When I told him to stop, he told me he was looking for his wallet. I love having boys.

Be blessed, readers!

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