Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dirt, dinosaurs, and pee

I have boys.
I am a lone woman in a home full of boy-ness. My husband, my sons, even the dog are males, and I couldn't be happier. In fact, my new favorite shirt, a gift from Bebe, proudly displays my current status:
While friends of mine dress sweet little girls in bows and curls and play pretend with dolls and tea sets, I wrestle and howl and help my big boy claim victory over a particularly tricky T-Rex puzzle.
Thanks to playing "toss-the-puzzle-pieces-around-the-house", we're missing one or two.
I love it. I love that I get to encounter things and experience moments that many of my friends don't. (And probably won't). For instance: this morning, after breakfast as I worked out in the living room, I hear Noah exclaim, "It's a tee tee bowl, Mommy!" Thinking little of it, I first responded with the usual, "That's great, Noah." Until I realized the extent of what that could mean. I quickly investigated and, sure enough, Noah had crafted a portable urinal on the dining room floor using his empty cereal bowl. Impressively, he's a pretty sharp-shooter and managed to get most of it in the bowl.
  As I cleaned up that strange little mess, I wondered to myself, does anybody else have kids that does stuff like this?
  Meanwhile, Witten eagerly emulates his big brother in all things rambunctious and boy-ish. For the last few days, his favorite toy to carry around the house is Noah's plastic screwdriver, because he watched Noah "fixing" things about three days back and wants to be like his brother. He even imitates Noah's sounds effects. The other day, Noah and I were howling as I pushed them in the swings to get Toby to howl with us. It worked great, because not only did Toby join in, Witten also took up the call with his own little "aah-ooo".
  Praise God for messy, stinky, happy little boys! And praise God for their father, a loud, studly, big boy, who is the best father these two kids could have. Every day, when Stephan comes in the door, Witten turns from whatever he's doing and scurries to his father saying "ya-yee! ya-yee! ya-yee!" (his version of "daddy, daddy, daddy")
   I dare not wonder why God has been so good to me. I just accept that I do not deserve it, and therefore every good thing I posses is that much more of a blessing. Thank You, God, for your kindness!

Be blessed, readers!  

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