Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chatter Box

"Daddy", "mama", "all done": Things Witten can say.
"more","please", and "all done": Things Witten can sign.
 An electric screwdriver, a car, and a howling dog: Things Witten loves to imitate.

He's not giving lectures on predestination versus free will, but what's written above is testimony that, once again, my paranoia and fear of him being behind developmentally are stupid. I love it when, in the midst of some worry or another, God reaches down, pats me on the back and says, "Chill, child, I've got this."

   Another cute new development of Witten's: if you ask him where daddy is, he will search until he finds Stephan and then point a chubby little finger at him while smiling his huge, goofy, victory smile.
His goofy smile.
Meanwhile, big brother is continuing to grow and change as well. While he's no longer soaring through clothes sizes like he did as a baby and toddler, his intellectual capacity is clearly expanding daily. Every day he'll do or say something that makes me, Stephan, or someone around him be flabbergasted by him. Yesterday, for instance, while I was inside preparing dinner and Noah was outside "helping" Daddy clean out his work van, Noah said this to his dad:
 "Daddy, you're too dirty to help me down. You need to get out of the van. Mommy won't like that. We need to make Mommy happy."
  *That's my boy!*
You can't not love me. I'm adorable!
Now, once again, it is tasked to me to ensure this house is clean, for it might be shown again today or tomorrow or sometime soon. Dear Lord, forgive me for grumbling and give me what I need to be gracious and patient in this time of possible transition. You have been so good to me. Thank You.

be blessed, readers!

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