Monday, July 15, 2013

Too many pregnant people!

 As I type, an invitation to a gender reveal party flutters meekly on my desk in the breeze from the overhead fan. To my current knowledge, I have almost a dozen friends expecting a baby. Pictures of precious baby bumps cover my facebook news feed like cute wall paper. While I am excited for every one of my pregnant friends, I am mildly jealous. Yes, I have a smidge of the baby fever. Praise God, it's not a raging fever so as to overwhelm my mind and consume my every waking thought, but it is a persistent longing. I know that I will be able to wait patiently on the Lord's timing, 'cause He's enabling me to. So, until the time comes for Du Toit baby number three to get underway, I will be content to live vicariously through my friends' pregnancies.
I guess I could relish my time with the kids I already have, too. Maybe.
  But seriously, though, yesterday afternoon, my mother, sons and I were overjoyed to find two adorable, small kitties rubbing at our ankles and begging for affection. And food. Both of which we happily supplied. Friends, I could not have asked for more perfect cats for my family. (No, they're not quite ours, per say. We're just acting like they are. We'll see what happens once we move.)These cats are impossibly patient with my sons' rough lovin', quick to purr, love to be snuggled, and love to play. They are the perfect cats! Noah and Witten are in love with them! Noah named them Ecto and Feter. Ecto's a boy and Feter's a girl. After a day and a half of treasuring these two kitties, we step outside to find Ecto, no Feter. Is is wrong to pray for God to bring back a kitten we're had for one day? 'Cause I already have. Several times. Poor Feter! I hope she's okay! Please, loving God, bring back our new kitty safely!
   It's late. I'm going to bed. Good night, readers! Be blessed!

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