Sunday, October 27, 2013

I have 10 Minutes

I have now less than 10 minutes to cram my thoughts into this blog post, so buckle up!

Well, honestly, this might be a rather easy feat, as not too much excitement has happened in out lives. All around us, people are poppin' out babies left and right, but here in the Du Toit household, the only cataclysmic event that has transpired lately was a tragedy.
Y'all remember Ecto Kitty, right?
 Him and his short-lived sister showed up while we were still at my parents. From the get-go, we knew that he was a special cat. 
 He was snuggly, playful, insanely patient with both our boys, and clearly loved to be loved.
 He was also the strangest sleeper and always was extremely flatulent. Like, disgustingly so.
I promise Witten was not choking the cat in this picture, just hugging him around the neck with his hands.
 No matter how rough our boys were with that sweet cat, he never bit or clawed or became mean. He wouldn't even run away. He'd just lay there and take it while crying like a little baby. And boy, did I love having a cuddly cat again.
Well, Ecto passed away this past week. This is the first time I've been truly saddened by a pet's passing in years. He's buried in our back yard and neither of the boys seem to truly grasp what all of it means, but Stephan and I are bummed. He was a great cat.
  We'll miss you, Ecto-kitty.

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