Thursday, August 1, 2013


Or, more accurately, Noah!
Noah has been wearing big boy underwear since the beginning of this year, and yet sometimes, it still feels like we're potty training. He'll go a few days to a few weeks with no accidents, dry underwear all day long, and even dry pull ups in the morning, but every once in a while, he'll have a stint of relapse for a couple of days that results in a serious crack down on potty training from Mommy. Honestly, I'm getting real tired of it. I'm trying my best to be patient, but Lord knows it's hard to be patient when he obviously knows how to do it right and then just doesn't. I could just spit!
  *happy thoughts, Colette, happy thoughts*
My husband is amazing.
I've said it before (often), but I'll say it again and again. He is super awesome! Our new house has been under renovations for almost 2 months now, and the progress that man has made it stunning!
  You doubt?
Fine then, readers, let me show you a miniscule glimpse into the beautiful and yet still incomplete transformation our house is undergoing. I give you, a before and after shot of our kitchen, sans counters, back splash, and flooring:
Before: dated, old fashioned, laminate flooring.

not-quite after: fresh, clean, beautiful, I love it and it's not even done yet!
Look at that! The man took out the stove with cabinets under it as well as the old oven and made shelves for my numerous cook books (*a-wink*) and a space for a oven/stove combo. Bye-bye, cranky, old vent-a-hood, hello shiny, new microwave! And just you wait until I post pictures of this with the back splash tile we picked out! I'm so excited!
   I thank you, Lord, for giving us this house. We don't deserve it. You are so kind and gracious to us to bless us with any home at all, much less one so so perfectly wonderful for my family! Please give Stephan the strength and perseverance he needs to finish this house. You are so good to me. Amen!

  More pictures of our new abode will be posted once I have actual "afters", but to sign off, I just wanted to include this adorable picture of a super-cheeky Kyle being silly/sassy:  
Oh, hello. I didn't realize you were there! *wink*
Be blessed, readers!

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