Friday, June 28, 2013

The farm

We went to the farm today!
Kyle was trying to encourage Witten to hurry up.
 With 13 children in 13 car seats dispersed amongst 5 cars, most of our regular playgroup headed to my in-laws' dairy to pet goats, ride ponies, and eat a picnic.
Noah took some coaxing to get on a pony. They were such sweet ponies, too! I want one!
 Sias and Marlene asked a friend of theirs who shoes horses for a living if she would bring out some of her tamest ponies for the toddlers to ride, and she kindly agreed!
This is Polka Dot the mommy pony.
 Every willing child got to ride the ponies as many times as they wanted. Even cousin Bear got to "ride" for a while. Honestly, I think Witten enjoyed it more than Noah.
Ride little horsey! And yes, that's a baby pony next to the mommy pony. It was as sweet and pet-able as a puppy. I almost tried to sneak it home in the minivan.
 The goat herd was resting right on the other side of the fence where we were eating lunch. The kids loved them!
Kyle could contain his excitement!
It was very warm, indeed, but I believe everyone who went had fun. And all the mommies got to take home a free bar of goats milk soap. Many of them also bought a fresh gallon of milk. (Cow's milk, not goat milk) I got a half-pint of cream. Just straight-up cream. If anyone knows what to do with cream of cow, please let me know!
  Now, I must rest. That trip took a lot outa me!
Be blessed, readers!

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