Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just so you know that I'm alive-

We went to the zoo this morning with the Skinners and the Hydes, minus the daddies. It was very muggy and fun, and quite a bittersweet time for all. You see, the Hydes are heading up to Wichita Falls in 6 days to start a new page in life. They've only been here for around 2 years, yet they have become close friends to us. Most touching of all is how close Wyatt and Noah are.
   Since the get-go, Noah and Wyatt were best buds.
This was their first meeting.
 Anyone can easily tell that Noah and Wyatt are best friends. Noah gets excited just thinking about seeing Wyatt. Considering how much Noah loves his little buddy, I can tell that this is going to be a hard separation.
Their last outing to the zoo.
  Meredith and Rob will also be sincerely missed by many folks in the Tyler area. I hate that they have to move, but it's been made very clear that Wichita Falls is where God wants them, so you can't argue that. I do hope and pray that the distance will not extinguish the friendship our families have formed, 'cause it's a good one.
   All that to say, we will miss you, Hydes. Please don't be a stranger! And also, be open to spontaneous visits. I foresee a few in our futures. Most of all, may God bless all of you richly in this next stage of life you are entering. I sure will miss you guys.

  Now, to plan 6 more days of action-packed fun!

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