Friday, July 5, 2013

Pro's and Con's

In this life, there are things that I excel at. So much so that you might call me a "pro" in that field. On the other hand, there are areas in life that I am not that good at. At all.
You doubt?
Some examples:
 When it comes to mothering, I cannot claim to be the best, but I'm pretty good at it. My children are alive, they're pretty well behaved, they mind me most of the time, and they love me and give me kisses. Win
 On the flip side of that house-wifery coin, I'm lousy in the kitchen. So as to not be to hard on myself, I will say that there are a few dishes that I am pretty good at making with consistent success, though they'd hardly qualify as "well rounded" or "healthy" (Here's looking at you, lasagna), but for the most part, If I can produce an okay meal in a timely manner every other day, I'm satisfied. Below is my attempt to make "easy" home made whipped cream.
Yeah, that's butter.
 So, dear readers, if you ever see me out and about, looking lovely and well groomed, with my handsome husband and two adorable, loveable boys (This usually only happens at church. Once a week ain't bad), and you think to yourself, "Gee, that girl's got it all together. Is there anything she can't do?"
  Yes. Yes, there is.
There are many things most woman with average intelligence should be able to do with little effort, but I simply cannot. Decorating. Organizing. Picking an adorable color scheme for a room. Dressing fashionably. Properly mending clothes. You get the idea.
  But I'm okay with it. God created me with a mind meant for concocting bedtime stories and memorizing Disney songs. I'll gladly continue to excel where I am gifted and bumble hopelessly along where I am not.

Now for a cute story!
Last night, after a fun and very full day of celebrating Independence and stuff, Stephan and I were preparing the boys for bed. When we split them up and each handle one, we can get them in bed sooner. I had finished dressing Witten and took him to the bathroom in Noah's room to brush his teefers. Though it wasn't supposed to be my duty last night, I ended up brushing Noah's, too. Anyways, after teeth brushing, the usual course of action is to taking Witten to his crib while Stephan tucks Noah into his bed. This night, for some reason, was special.
  Stephan and I, as if sharing a single brainwave, decided to tuck Witten into bed with Noah. We then sang them their lullabys and wished them good night before slowly backing out of the room, watching the boys the whole time to see what they thought of this strange new arrangement. 
    The whole time, neither older nor younger brother did absolutely anything. Both stared, wide-eyes and motionless as we led them to believe that they were going to be left in that state the whole night long. I honestly think that had we actually left them like that, they would have had a ball, tearing it up and playing like lunatics until they crashed from sheer exhaustion on the floor. 
 Instead, we took a few cute pictures and then separated them. I'm so glad they like each other for the most part. Such sweet boys God has given me!
Okay, God, now for the girl. These boys need a little sister to dote on and protect! Someday, Lord, someday.

Be blessed, dear readers!

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