Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New excuse for lack of posts

I have a new idea as to why I've been so lazy with the blog updating: whenever I have down time, I want to relax physically and mentally. When the boys take their naps (if both do), then I like to read or nap or watch a show or movie. Wow, as I type it, it sounds horrible lazy and selfish.
Therefore, I pledge to make a more conscious effort to update this bad boy. Not just for you, dear readers, but for me. I have mentioned before that this blog is a way for me to remember things. Things like what life was like when I was young and the boys were little and so on and so forth. Knowing my terrible memory, I won't be able to recall what happened on the 24th of July, 2013, in two days, much less several years. So, even if it's a quick update with no pictures, I'll let you (and future me) in on what has happened since our last update.
  We're still at my parents' house, though Stephan has been working like a dog to get our new house ready for us, and he's been slowly moving our things from mom and dad's extra garage to ours. Noah and Witten are fantastic at being brothers. They do everything that brothers are supposed to do; play together, wrestle, fight, tattle on each other, and even dance together. Stephan and I love it so much!
  Of the two cats that found us  week or so ago, Feter, the girl cat, has "found a new home", as we tell Noah, while Ecto has become the highlight of Noah and Witten's days. Stephan and Papa argue about who the cat's going to end up with once we move out. I know that this is a moot point, and the real argument will soon be where we should install a kitty door in our new house for Ecto to stroll through, because Stephan loves that kitty to pieces.
 Now, Witten is starting to stir from his nap, so I must go. Enjoy your bit of updating, readers!
Be blessed!

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  1. holy crap is that cat inside? dad let a cat indoors? what is happening in this world?