Tuesday, September 4, 2012

work, work, all day long

Today, I tasked myself with a special assignment.
You see, Witten is very slowly out-growing his current 6 month wardrobe. He's easily fitting into 9 month clothes and, no doubt, will soon be in 9-12 month outfits. It's no big thing because Witten has an older brother whose Bebe drowned in adorable clothes, therefore leaving a plethora of hand-me-downs for Little Bit. The pickle of the matter is the seasonal difference. When Noah was in 9-12 month clothes, it was colder outside. According to the calender, it should be getting colder outside, as fall is approaching.
  Texas is all like, "what? Cold? Never heard of it!" And the forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 90's for the next few weeks.  Therefore, Noah's adorable little sweaters and jeans and long sleeved onsies are no good for now. But it's okay. Witten can hang out in his 9-month clothes for a bit longer. 
 And because I've been horrible at journaling Witten's new developments, I need to take a moment to list a few things that that little cutie has been doing lately that is new.
  As of almost 8 months, Witten
 -Has 8 teeth. (I fear mealtime. At any moment, that little imp might chomp down...*shudder*)
 -Is still attempting to learn to crawl, but taking his time with it. He doesn't seem to be one to hurry into anything. Except eating.
      which reminds me,
 -Eats like a champ! He'll down 1 or 2 large jars of food per meal and then gorge himself on snacks. I have to feed him his puffs one at a time or he'd stuff handful after handful into his mouth until he gags. In fact, I like to play this humorous, if not a bit cruel, game with Witten where I hold one puff up for him to see, wait for him to get so excited he starts bouncing in his seat, then I drop it onto his tray and watch him snatch it up and shove it into his mouth like a starving dog would eat a tiny bit of table scraps. I laugh just thinking about it.
      And laslty:
 -Melts my heart with his exuberant smiles. He makes a silly "stink face", as we call it, in which he wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes while exposing all of his teeth in a big smile. It. Is. adorable! Noah did something similar, but didn't open his mouth near as wide. He just kinda snorted.

Speaking of Noah, I think (*knock on wood*) that he may possibly, maybe have this whole potty training thing down. Well, he's catching on pretty well. The only stumbling stone that plagues us is the stinkies. He is having a hard time putting stinkies in the potty. He'll tell me immediately after he soils himself that he wants to go poo-poo on the potty, so we're making progress. I hope.         

   Stephan has shortened his hours at The Stand, meaning that I get my husband back from his "2nd marriage". WOOOHOOOO! To celebrate, we ate cheeseburger sausages. It was good. 
Be blessed, dear readers!

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