Monday, September 24, 2012

cloud nine

My son attained his perfect day today.  I'll show you how:
The super nice and cool firefighters of Fire station 10 let Noah and his best bud Wyatt explore their firetruck. I really don't think Noah could have been any happier.
He got to drive
 Man the hose
And work the coat.
Witten was going to try on one of their helmets, but then I realized that one of those fance hats weighs about as much as he does, so instead, we posed next to it.
He still seemed to enjoy himself, though.
  The moral of this story, friends, is that if you have a child who screams "FIRETRUCK!!" every time he sees a fire truck (or a large red truck, or a semi truck, or a fire station...), take him for a trip to your nearest fire station. Those guys are super nice and were very patient with two toddlers who wanted only to sit in the drivers' seat and make siren/honking noises.

Thank you, kind firemen, for doing your firejob and being gracious firehosts to us and our kids. And for jumping Meredith's car. And for the junior firefighter badge stickers. Noah's sleeping with his on his shirt right now. 

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  1. This is my favor post on your least up to today.