Wednesday, September 5, 2012

see a penny, pick it up

This is what happens when most of your best friends are girls.

We have our Stephan back! I have my studly many back. The boys have their awesome daddy back. Wins all around! And what does a man who just cut back his work week from 80 hours to a far more reasonable number of hours do?
He sleeps on my laundry.
 Stephan has been making up for a lot of lost hours of sleep. Since this whole adventure in restaurant owning first began, way back when Stephan came home and told me about the run down old doughnut shop that he found that could quite possibly be the future home of his dream, Stephan has been working his tail off. First, the planning (if constantly thinking doesn't keep you up, then you aren't doing it right), then the renovating, then the preparing, then the opening, then the maintaining, all the while promoting and stressing. I'm surprised Stephan hasn't wasted away to a shaky husk of his former manly self. 
 While their father naps nestled in a nest of newly cleaned clothes, the boys were doing this:

It was a good day.

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