Monday, September 10, 2012

Perfect timing.

The other day, out of boredom, I dressed the boys in matching outfits and ran them outside for an impromptu photo shoot, just me and the boys in our front yard with my little, old camera. I did this partly because I have been wanting to do a family photo shoot for a long time now (as in since I was pregnant with Witten), but mostly because most people that actually take the time to view the framed pictures I have on display in my house like to point out the fact that you wouldn't be able to tell that Stephan and I have two kids by looking at our pictures. (Not true! I had three pictures with Witten in them framed and placed in plain sight prior to this photography session. I can't help it that newborn Witten and newborn Noah look ridiculously alike.)
   Anyways, after maybe 20 minutes of trying my best to get Noah and Witten to look at me and smile at the same time, I managed to capture a few precious moments on camera. Observe:

 I quickly had these pictures printed and framed. Take that, people who look at pictures in my house!

And readers, it's a darn good thing I took those picture when I did. The next day, Noah dove head-first into the edge of our bathroom door and gave himself a fat lip or two. Then today, he ran into Witten's room, tripped over Beer the Bear's big fat feet, and crashed into Witten's crib. Poor kid looks like this:
 Notice the bruised goose egg that sprang up immediately after the collision occurred; the shiny eyes, still damp from crying; the courageous smile, despite the pain... awe, now I wanna go hug him again!

  In other news, Witten can army crawl like a champ. This mode of transportation gets him from point A to point B, albeit very slowly. And as I am having tremendous difficulty typing today, I'm going to sign off before I punch this keybopard. KEYBOARD! GAAAAAAAAAH!

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