Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Life gets serious

I don't know how to respond to truly serious moments. When something cataclysmic and life-affecting and horribly real happens, my immediate response, more often than not, involves a lot of awkwardly looking to the left or right (or floor or ceiling, anywhere but the source of my discomfort), and shifting and fiddling with my hands or hair or anything that I can use to divert attention from the situation at hand. That's me: the uncomfortable clod that can't handle serious business. But, to my immense relief, that's only what happens when I am confronted suddenly, unprepared, or out of the blue with these hard life issues. When given a considerable heads-up about a forthcoming difficult time, I have a different approach: ignore it.
  This tactic is a lame one, as it inevitably leads to the kind of painfully uncomfortable confrontation with life's unstoppable change that I described in my introductory paragraph. I've tried my best to change my hard-issue approach, but since past efforts have not helped much, all I can do is pray for God to put the words in my mouth and make me move the way He wants me to when the time comes. As for now, I initiate plan B: change of topic.
  Noah has become a very skilled runner. Down our hallway, at least. He's honing his ninja-skills impressively fast. Now, before I can intercept him halfway down the hallway, he can be out of his room and into ours before I have the chance to kick off the covers. When I handle this situation, the end result is always Noah getting put back in bed. When I, in heavy exhaustion, beseech Stephan to intercede for me, this is the usual result:
   At least Noah favors Stephan's side of the bed. Mommy and Noah get to stretch out while Daddy's sleeping on the end table. It's pretty nice, but will not become habit, this I promise you.
  Also, today I sifted through Noah's old hand-me-downs again in search of one specific shirt and I ended up finding quite a few more outfits that will suit Witten handily in the oncoming months. And, just for kicks and giggles (and in hopeful anticipation of colder weather), I tried on Noah's old/Witten's new 12 month winter coats.

What 'chu looking at, ese?
 Dear Lord, You have been faithful and true to us. We are overcome with blessings and joys, though we do not deserve any. It is with this in mind, a humble heart, and great hope that I selfishly ask for cold weather to hurry up. Thank You for Your time. Amen.

Be blessed readers!

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