Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Babies Mine

According to my computer, I have previously titled a post "sweet baby mine". The difference in titles is the plural babies. I love that. I love saying stuff like, "me and the boys", or "my sons" and the like.
  Dad gum, I cannot type today.
Anyways, yesterday was one of those trying days that God uses to strongly encourage me to pray more. I confess, it was mostly my fault. Or, should I say, the fault of my hormonal physiology. Stuff that Noah often does that is usually annoying at best nearly drove me insane with irritation. It was with a relieved heart, and one very grateful to my loving husband for watching the boys, that I picked up my friend Aubie and had a very much needed girl date. After a chatter-filled drive, delicious frozen yogurt that we got to not only sit down to eat, but we didn't have to share any, and then a quick trip to the nice Brookshires on Rice road, I felt dramatically better.
  Today has been much better. Noah, in his sad, sickly state, slept in, allowing mommy some very rare undisturbed snuggle time with Witten.
 Even when Noah got into some minor trouble thanks to his usual shenanigans, I had no problem with reprimanding him gently, (taking the picture you see) and helping him put all the photo albums back on their shelves. Then, we had photo-story time and I told him the story of how Daddy and Mommy met and fell in love while looking through our engagement album. 
 Now, 'tis time for Witten to eat. Then , it's nap time for all! WOOHOO!!

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