Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shenanigans of a Sick child.

Here's a glimpse of what Mr Snotty nose has been up to:
 First, of course, he had to start filing his taxes. Tax season sure does creep up on you, doesn't it?
 Then, the usual game of "peek-a-boo" with baby brother. He's only allowed to blow kisses since he's sick. It's sad, because Noah really wants to lay big, slimy kisses on his little brother's head.
Here, Noah is readying his trike to hit the road. Stephan went grocery shopping for me last night whilst I stayed home with the babes so as to keep Noah from spreading his sickness. When he came home, he left the door to the garage open so as to unload groceries more efficiently. Naturally, Noah hopped on his tike bike and scooted out the door. by the time I caught up with him, he was loading his trike into he car. It was pretty darn cute and definitely worth a picture.
 And lastly, another shot to show the size difference between my sons. Currently, as far as we can tell using our bathroom scale, Noah weighs around 35 lbs and Witten is almost 10 lbs. (Holy crap, when did that happen?!?!) That's a 25 pound weight difference. Not to mention, Noah's got Witten beat, height-wise, by at least a foot and a half. But it's all right with me. Witten's growing way too fast already, he'll catch up to his big bro in no time.
  Today, Noah is still recovering, and Witten is still healthy (Praise the Lord Almighty!), and since it's about 30 degrees outside this morning, we're going to spend the day indoors again. Don't worry, folks, I've got my camera ready for more cooped-up craziness. I hope the rest of you wonderful, faithful readers have a blessed day!

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