Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ever since Noah was a wee tike, he has enjoyed being naked. Just like probably every other mom out there, I took several adorable naked baby pictures of Noah's cute little hiney in the bathtub or immediately after bath time. As a baby, every time I had him naked as a blue jay and ready to bathe, I would present him, booty out, to his daddy and say "nakey baby!" (What is it about baby tushies that are so cute?)
  After musing over my intro paragraph, I have two observations to make.
Observation #1: Toddler hineys aren't quite as adorable as baby hineys. It's still plenty funny to watch Noah run like a crazy baby down the hallway with nothing but a goofy smile on, but it's just not the same as a cute, little baby bottom.
Observation #2: it could be due to the cooler temperatures (hah!), but little baby Witten is not near the fan of nudity that his older brother is. He's started to cry less during baths, most like because he no longer has to take sponge baths but can actually stew in the lovely, warm water, but he still puts up a fuss any time he's completely exposed. And, the one time thus far that I have done the "nakey baby" bit with Witten, Stephan said "uugh" because Witten still doesn't really have a bo-bo, so it looks a bit weird.  I'm not worried, though. He'll grow himself a hiney and then nakey baby will rise again!
Turn your back for a few seconds and Noah's sharing his toy cars with baby brother.

The cars are about as big as Witten is! Poor baby.

He's ready to tear it up!
   The Lord bless you and keep you, readers!

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