Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So, Come to Find Out, Faulkner Park is Pretty Neat.

Noah, Witten and I went to Faulkner Park with our buds and bud-ettes this morning. The crew consisted of Noah, Lucy, Wyatt and Madi. We quickly ate a picnic lunch and then the herd was off and running. The park there is lovely and wisely constructed, with a picnic table and shade placed nearby the play area. We mothers sat and chatted as we kept keen eyes on our tots, but for the most part, those cray little kids played very well and obeyed our occasional warning shouts when they teetered too close to doing some no-no or another. Meanwhile, Witten slept in his car seat, Ella smiled at anything and everything, and Kyle was stinking adorable! (He has entered that adorable 6-ish month stage in which he's not mobile yet, but he's interacting so cutely with things around him). Our stay at the park ended when the toddlers started looking like tomatoes and then Noah tried to run down a slide.
   Now, both my sons are peacefully sleeping, so I am going to put off my chores for a little bit longer in order to take a nap.
  Witten smiled at me today! It was a HUGE smile! Of course, the camera was nowhere near me. Someday...
Blessings on all of you, my friends!

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