Monday, February 20, 2012

Mild Panic, but No Big Deal

Yesterday, as I was attempting to take a video on my camera of Noah carting around his baby brother in his little red wagon, my camera stopped all of a sudden and told me that it was out of memory space. *gasp*
 This is only alarming because I have so many unprinted pictures on my camera, I don't know what to do with them! I've been putting off sending them in to walgreens for so long, I'm pretty sure I have hundreds to print and that might be a pricey order to place. Not only that, but there are many many videos I've taken dating back to when Noah was three months old and barely holding up his head. I have a video of his first steps in our house somewhere on that memory card. What am I supposed to do with these precious memories?
   Well, friends, in an effort to be proactive in the preservation of these valuable pictures and videos, I am uploading them all from my camera to this here computer, and I'm using that program that will delete them from my memory card upon completion. Hopefully, I will be able to send off clusters of pictures at a time to print and scrapbook.
Nope, that didn't work. Memory card still completely full.
At least I now have a computer full of memories! Here is one from just this past week:
 Here is my sweet Witten with the adorable Ella. Ella is one of those babies that smiles so big, it's hilarious. You might be able to tell a mild age difference, and that is because Ella is about three months older than Witten. It's pretty astounding the difference that a couple of months makes when babies are so young. With Noah and his posse, a groups of tots varying in age from newly two to 19 months old, you can barely tell any difference developmentally. Whereas with Witten, his neonatal state is obvious when compared to how Ella and little James Evans can hold up their heads and almost sit up on their own. I'm glad things will even out the older they get so that play times will be fun for all.
  Now I must depart. Ya'll have a lovely night now, ya hear?  

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