Monday, February 13, 2012

Good day

I consider any day in which I feed both my sons and myself, dress Noah and brush his teeth, and at least wash my face and brush my own teeth in the morning a success. Therefore, today has been a good day thus far.
  Noah's on the mend, Witten never got sick, praise God, and I not only showered last night, but I also dried my hair. It's amazing how, as a stay at home mother, the simplest things in life can bring great joy or feelings of accomplishment.

 Last night, after a week of me never leaving this house, my husband once again took pity on me and took the family out to eat. It was only Casa Ole, which, we have deduced, buys tortillas from the store across the street and then nukes them in a microwave before serving them; and the food was alright and all, but the chance to get some air and dress Witten in a winter onsie my mom bought for him the day he was born was a blessing. (I would include a picture of the super cute onsie, but my camera is hiding from me again. After I find that thing and punish it severely, I will post pictures.) Things like that, and how Stephan has meticulously cleaned the kitchen pretty much every night since Witten was born, and how he loves me and tells me I'm beautiful, even when my face is breaking out and I haven't worn makeup in what feels like weeks, makes me feel so very blessed to have that guy as a husband. Not to mention that fact that he started working out with a new fervor that has started showing some impressive results already...but that might be too much information.

   Speaking of working out, I have a confession to make. Since my jogging efforts have been put on hold, I have become rather flippant on my quest to get fit. And by "flippant", I really mean lazy. No, I'm not proud of myself. I could chalk it up to the cold weather, Noah's recent lingering sickness, or the aforementioned doctor's orders, but those excuses don't block off every route to fitness. As Stephan gently points out, I could be doing a work out video or something here in my living room. Therefore, today, I'm going to bust out one of my old "favorites" (those are sarcasm quotations), and bust a healthy move for fitness! Then, after my doctor's appointment this Thursday and the weather warms up, I'll resume jogging.

 Okay, readers, time for momma to get active. I have to deep clean my house very badly. I've been putting it off for way too long. Pray, friends. Pray without ceasing. Worry about nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication, present your requests before God. In every situation, give thanks to God, for He is good. His love endures forever.


Here are those there pictures I promised ya'll.
Teddy Witten. Cuteness, thy name is fluffy blue baby.

This was all Stephan. I'll call it, "a Pile of Snuggles"

Noah wanted in on the photo shoot. Notice the snotty nose.

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