Monday, December 26, 2011

'Twas the Day After Christmas

I'm telling you, friends, Christmas is a busy day. I wish it wasn't that way. I'm thinking my family should figure a way to spread the events a little better so as to give me and Stephan a chance to spend more time with everyone and not feel so rushed!
Anyways, Christmas was fun and filled with family and joy, so I'll mark it off as a good one.
    It started off with early morning snuggles. For the past two mornings now, Noah has snuck into our room at about 6:20-ish to gain entry into our bed. He then nestles down in between mommy and daddy and falls back to sleep. It's a sweet, adorable time for all of us, but I fear I must make it stop here pretty soon. Even though we all slept an extra hour both nights, I want Noah to stay in his own bed and not feel the need to disturb Mommy and Daddy every morning. So if anyone has any pointers about how to train your toddler to stay in bed in the morning (unit a decent, predetermined hour, at least), please pass them on to me!
  And now back to Christmas:
Stephan, Noah and I got ready for church and then Noah opened his one gift from us.
It was a pair of rubber boots for visiting the farm, a coloring book, a "Choo-choo: book, and a tractor book.
 Then we loaded up and headed to Christmas morning with my family. I got an adult onsie. 'Nuff said.
After a splendid time with the folks and my siblings, we went to church to relish a lesson on the reason for all this hoopla and celebrating. It was a fine lesson indeed, but my favorite part was seeing all the tots in their Christmas best! I wanted to get a group shot of all of them, but that didn't work out. Instead, I got one of Noah and Lydia!
Only after I put the camera away did they hug like I had been asking them to for the camera.  
 Aren't they adorable?
After church, we rushed home, changed into comfier duds, then boogied on over to Jacksonville for Christmas with the Du Toits. I love spending time with the whole Du Toit clan. I'm sad that it happens so rarely. Marlene and Sias cooked amazing food and enough of it to feed a small army. Noah played with his cousins and loved it.
There were plenty of toys, but everyone wanted one red car. Kids these days...
   After we ate, Noah, Ashton and Julia got to go see the moo-cows, the horsies, the goats, and the bok-boks with Ouma, Oupa, Aunt Erin and Aunt Jerushah. (Noah calls chickens "bok-bok"). Meanwhile, the boys tossed around the 'ol pigskin and I sat inside because I lamely wore my comfy house shoes and they got cold and wet real quick. It was a grand time and Erin made her amazing, life-affirming chocolate dessert that I love so very much.
  The rest of the day was spent unpackaging, sorting, and putting away the gifts we received. I wore my onsie. After a few tries at going to bed for Noah (he was jacked up on Christmas spirit), he finally fell asleep, and I followed soon after. It was a good Christmas, friends.
  No baby yet. I'm starting to think this kid might just wait the whole nine months. I'm so excited to meet him!

 I hope all of my precious readers out there had magnificent Christmases! May you all have a happy and safe New Year! God bless us, everyone!

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  1. I say don't sweat it and just enjoy the snuggles! :)