Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Play Dates, They're kinda a Big Deal

Today, I once again had the pleasure of hostessing playdate. I got the house nice and clean, which is something I have needed to do for quite a while now, so thank you, play date, for pressuring me into getting that done. I sent out the notice of location change yesterday to everyone who usually came and a few who I thought might be interested in trying it out. Previous experiences with hosting our play times at my house had me believing that maybe two people would show. (I'm not complaining, though. Even those small groups are a lot of fun.) This time, however, things were different.
   There were five toddlers and three babies in my house today. Yup, you heard me. Five noisy, active, adorable tots running pel-mel throughout my home. As loud as it got sometimes, those big 'ole babies did very well with not harming each other and kind of sharing toys. Meanwhile, us mommies sat around the living room and chatted about everything under the sun. (Mostly mommy stuff). Not to toot my own horn, but I had made cake pops, and some got eaten. *hostess with the most-est right here* It was super enjoyable! Babies got passed around, toddlers were loved on, and women got to have grown-up bonding time, an activity that is very much necessary for a woman's sanity, if you ask me.
   Now, I am taking part in what I hope is not going to become the norm around here: Noah's nightly sleep rebellion. These past two nights Noah has been out of bed almost as soon as we lay him down. No amount of reasoning and threats of punishment seem to encourage obedience, and it's super frustrating! This is not my baby! Last night he must have gotten out of bed 16 times, minimum,  before he finally fell asleep. that means a lot of spankins for Noah. Now I do not wish to jinx it, but he seems to be doing better this night. He has poked his head out of his room twice, and it was after a few minutes of staying in bed. Boy, does that sound sad, but I take what victories I can and celebrate them with relish.
   Tomorrow, Noah and I and Grayson and Miss Angie are going to the farm! (And maybe Aubrey and Lydia). We're going to pet goats and horses and cows and chickens! This is going to be fun! Now that they're an age that they can really enjoy these types of activities, I can see several trips to farms and aquariums and zoos in our future.
   Alright. I'm tired. It's 8:23. *whew!* God bless ye, merry gentle-readers!

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  1. Had so much fun at the farm!!!! and Grayson did too!