Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Good, folks.

Here lately, my sweet tooth has gone nuts. Completely and totally wild, I mean. Pretty much any time of day, I have at least a minimal craving for something sweet. The good news: I hardly ever keep sweets stored away in my pantry, so the worst I can do is add a spoonful of sugar to my rice crispies. The bad news: it's Christmas. That means that once a week at least, I will be presented with opportunities to gorge myself on cookies, fudge, cakes, pies, candies, and even sugary drinks! My waistline is going to hate me once this baby gets here. Lord, give me discipline! I need it badly!!!
   Today there was a small but enjoyable group at playdate. There were the usuals; myself, Sheryl and Crisi and our little ones. But new to the crew today was little Mr. James Evans IV. He made his debut with his momma Emily and seemed to mesh right into the way things roll at our times of play. He and Kyle especially hit it off. They chilled on a blanket on the floor and stared wide-eyed at each other for a good 20 or so minutes. They're gonna be best buds.
    It was especially enjoyable to watch little James and Kyle interact for me because I know that, in 40-ish days time, Witten will be here to join in the fun! Granted, he might not hit the floor rolling as far as play-time goes, but it wont be too long before he will be laying there all cute and stuff. And to be able to see Kyle and James' personalities, it makes my heart glad that Witten will have two sweet, snuggly, adorable pals to hang out with. Not to mention the girls that were not present today. Autumn and Ella will even out all the manliness with there delicate girlyness once we manage to get them all together.
    Again today, I speculated out loud to my fellow playgroup mommies how quickly time has flown by. There was little James and roly-poly Kyle, lying perfectly content in one position on a blanket on the floor, while around them ran and played and squealed three large, active toddlers. We all mused in wonder about how, not even that long ago, it was those three chatter boxes that were laying on pallets on the rug. Heck, we took countless pictures of Lucy, Noah and Madi just lying there! Again I warn those new to the parenting business, or those of you who are planning to start that stage in life soon, treasure every moment! Every uncomfortable pregnancy moment, every weary newborn moment, especially those sweet cuddle moments with your tiny baby. They grow up so stinking fast!
    Now, Noah is sleeping (which is how I managed to update the old blog), and I have a load of laundry in the washing machine. I truly love being a stay at home mom. Thank You, God, for allowing me this blessing!
Peace be to you all, readers! 

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